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Pomelo liquor contained in design of bottle
Wooden box packaging
Classic black paper box packaging
Dragon designed
Coconut Oil decorated in coconut shell
Coconut lotion decorated in coconut shell
Coconut soap
Coconut soap set
Coconut Spa set
Aroma candle burner
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Extra Coconut Oil with Pomelo flower essence
Coconut oil 500 ml.
Coconut Milky Lotion
Coconut Shower bath cream
Coconut Moisturizing Shampoo
Coconut chips
Sawasdee Celadon Muay-Thai
Antique Tiny
Sawasdee Shot glass
Swan designed
Thai designed
Kinnaree designed 1
Kinnaree designed 2
Mermaid designed
Giant designed
Angel designed
Woman with flower designed
Thai boxing style designed1
Thai boxing style designed2
Thai boxing style designed3
Thai boxing various styles designed
Coconut shell coconut holder
kala bottle
Coconut shell set
Coconut candle
Candle in coconut shell
Pineapple soap
Tamarind soap
Mango soap
Starfruit soap
Bergamot soap
Noni soap
All soap
Coconut lotion pump bottle in coconut shell
Lotion / Shampoo / Bath cream
Made to order - Handmade designed
Chatuchak @ project 11 soi 12/2 no.53

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Department of Export Promotion
Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce
King Power Duty Free
Siam Pomelo

 Product from coconut , coconut oil , coconut spa , coconut lotion , coconut shampoo/conditioner , coconut bath cream and various coconut container , gift set spa ,etc... 

Coconut soap
Coconut soap
Coconut shell with coconut oil bottle 50 ml.
Coconut shell with coconut oil bottle 50 ml.
Coconut shell with coconut lotion 50 g.
Coconut shell with coconut lotion 50 g.
Coconut Spa set
Coconut Spa set consist of coconut oil 50 ml. in coconut shell or coconut lotion 50 g. in coconut shell , coconut soap with coconut shell , fiber scrub and candle
Coconut soap set
Coconut soap set decorated in coconut shell with candle and fiber scrub
Coconut soap in coconut shell
Coconut soap in coconut shell from natural
Coconut soap
Coconut soap ( All )
Coconut shell with coconut oil bottle 250 ml.
Premium Virgin Coconut Oil with Pomelo flower and lemongrass essence
Aroma candle burner
Aroma candle burner made from red body powder . Many style such as giant , hanuman , Thai elephant , etc...
Aroma Candle Burner
Aroma candle burner
Hanuman Frankincense Burner
Hanuman Frankincense Burner
handmade designed
Handmade designed
Coconut chips
We have selected only the fineness ripe coconuts. Roasted carefully , with sugar and salt. Until crispy and full of natural flavors. Enjoy original texture and natural goodness.
Sawasdee Celadon Muay-Thai
Sawasdee Celadon3 Muay-Thai characters
Antique Tiny
Antique tiny made from Red body powder
Shot glass Thai culture style
Shot glass Thai culture style, sign of Bangkok
Pomelo Liquor contained in various designs of bottle including wooden box
Handmade wooden boxSize : width 8.4 cm.length 8.8 cm.height 32.8 cm.Weight ( bottle with wooden box ): 0.95 kg.
Pomelo liquor contained in various designs of bottle including paper box
Classic black paper box Size : Width 8.4 cm. Length 8.4 cm. Height 32.2 cm. Weight ( Bottle with paper box ):0.7 kg.
Pineapple Soap
Pineapple soap with natural sponge
Coconut shell set
Price 0.00 USD
Coconut shell set
Coconut shell  Coconut holder
Coconut shell bottle 60 ml. , 250 ml. for decoration or contain oil spa .Coconut shell jar 50 g. , 100 g.
kala bottle
Coconut shell bottle 60 ml / 250 ml for contain oil spa and decorate
Coconut Candle
Coconut candle size S / M/ L
Coconut Oil with Pomelo flower essence
Coconut oil 100 % with Pomelo flower essence
coconut soap set 2
Coconut soap Set
coconut soap set 3
Coconut soap set spa
Set spa 2
Price 16.33 USD
Coconut spa set
Candle in coconut shell
Price 0.00 USD
Candle in coconut shell
All soap
Price 0.00 USD
All soap
Coconut lotion bottle pump in coconut shell
Price 0.00 USD
Coconut lotion 150 ml. bottle pump in coconut shell


  Shop @ Chatuchak Market section 11 soi 12/2 no.052

  Open on Friday - Sunday

  Tel : +6681 4414940 



                                          Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 

   Fair Information : Made In Thailand 2007 Booth @ Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani











For more information please contact us : 

Tel : 081-4414940 ,  E-mail :



** The Sawasdee Brewery product is best for a souvenir to a foreigner, a gift to your good friend or respective senior, or New Year gifts for customers in a company/organization.

We customize, signify, or even design a special style on a bottle including signature, logo, and trademark of the company and beautifully carve it on the bottle. **




              * Copyright of pictures and all of the contents on this website *

                        © Copyright 2005 All Right Reserved

                  Do not copy or edit any pictures on this website 

                    for any purpose without approval







       The product has been taxed by the Excise Department of Thailand.  Further inquiry, any questions about inspection results from the Excise Department or the seller’s permit, please contact Sawasdee Brewery Co.,Ltd.



                    Tel: +6681-441-4940 , +6683-016-0710



                                  E-mail :






 **  Want to be our distributor!!!  please contact us, we are welcome both domestic and international distributors so we can promote Thai products to be known worldwide!!





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            Sawasdee Liquor is made from pomelo in Nakhon Chaisri. 

                         of Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand


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         The alcohol distilled from pomelo has unique aroma of fruit and is considered as healthy.  The longer it is reserved, the better the taste is.  It has no expiration date.  The package is designed in Thai art for both glass bottle and handmade wooden box.  The product is best as a gift, souvenir and collectible.


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